STEPH's Story

When people ask me how I got into the business, I say, "I didn’t choose fiber, fiber chose me.”

It all began in 2006. I was juggling my full time day job with a full time return to grad school when a friend introduced me to knitting. 

That was it.

Knitting led me to spinning.  Spinning led me to carding.  In a matter of a few months my new found ‘hobby’ blossomed into a full-blown obsession, systematically unraveling the ‘real’ career I'd pieced together for over a decade.  So I quit my job, dropped out of school, and bought 100 kilos of merino wool. 

Loop Fiber Studio was born!

A historic Hudson Valley textile mill is the home of Loop Fiber Studio.  

Steph in her studio, with her carding machine.