About Steph & Loop

People often ask me how I got into the fiber business. The truth is, it wasn't exactly my idea.

It all began in 2005. I was juggling my full time day job with a return to grad school when someone introduced me to knitting. 

I was far more interested in yarn than knitting, and it didn't take long before I was obsessed with making my own. Spinning was all I could think about and all I wanted to do.

The universe started taunting me: “Quit your job, drop out of school and buy 100 pounds of merino wool.” I tried not to listen at first, but the idea quickly grew on me.

So I did!

since 2005

in the beginning

Steph's fascination with yarn began in 2005. It started as a hobby that took over her living room and quickly snowballed into a full-time endeavor.

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