DAY HIKE - 6.2 oz. Bullseye Bump

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DAY HIKE - 6.2 oz. Bullseye Bump

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This listing is for one Bullseye Bump. You will receive the Bullseye Bump in the photo. These are one-of-a-kind products. See below for a detailed description.

This Listing is for one Bullseye Bump weighing 6.2 oz.

Loop’s signature “Bullseye Bumps” consist of one continuous length of self-striping roving.  After it is carded, the roving is wound into a center-pull bump, which makes spinning it super easy.  The fiber preparation is meticulous and requires minimal pre-drafting.  It is truly a joy to spin.  

Bullseye Bumps are not repeatable - meaning that Steph does not weigh and measure how much of each color she uses.  Instead, she cards the fiber spontaneously.  So even if they look similar, no two Bullseye Bumps are exactly the same.

Contents: 100% Extra-fine merino

Weight: 6.2 oz.

I have been ordering Bullseye Bumps from Loop for years. They are always perfect! The colors are amazing, the fiber is soft and it's a great spinning experience. Buy and Enjoy!

Rosemary - Etsy customer